Thursday, May 08, 2014

Coconut & Cashew Festival in Goa

Below is a press release received from Goa tourism- since the idea is noble, sharing it with you.

Coconut and Cashew nut are an integral part of life in Goa (and the entire Konkan region). Right from their use in food and drinks to their contribution to the local economy, these two products have created a very lasting impression on Goan culture and lifestyle. In a bid to pay an ode to these two Goan essentials, Goa Tourism is organizing one of India’s biggest Coconut & Cashew Festival 2014 fromMay 21 to 25 at Campal Grounds in Panjim.

This festival, which is being organized for the first time, will focus on the role that coconut and cashew nut play in Goa. As a part of this the event will feature a wide range of activities like cookery shows, cocktail demos using Feni, music concerts and stalls featuring handicrafts and artifacts that are made using coconut shells and other by-products. Some fun, innovative games like ‘Crack a coconut’ and ‘Roll a coconut’.
There will be Cashew stomping sessions, display of coconut cashew products, handicrafts, artifacts, cuisine, etc. This  unique Goan festival will celebrate the rich agrarian tradition of Goa through its most important crops ‘Coconut and Cashew.’
Feni, a local beverage made in Goa using coconut and/or cashew nut, will have special focus during this festival. This beverage has been conferred with the Geographical Indication (GI) status, which means that authentic Feni is only produced in Goa. There will be a demonstration of the Feni distillation process set up, which will allow visitors to get a peek into the making of this beverage. Guests can also enjoy some Feni cocktails at the bar during the event. To go with the Feni, there will also be a lot of emphasis on showcasing Goan cuisine in its various avatars. The Goan Culinary Club will conduct demos and workshops on different styles of cuisines available in Goa, like Saraswat, Portugese, Christian and Muslim.

Workshops at the festival will reflect the sense of imagination and adventure that Goans take pride in, visitors can sign up for activities like ‘Climb a coconut tree’ workshop,  bowling alley with coconuts and boxing rings using coconuts that will clash against each other.

 Shri. Dilip Parulekar, Minister of Tourism, Government of Goa, said, “Coconut and cashew nut are very important for every Goan. We want to showcase its multiple uses to the world. This festival will also offer visitors a glimpse into Goan culture. This is the first time we are organizing this event and are expecting tourists in large number. We are optimistic that it will be a huge success and will turn into an annual event.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Car art-Easycab colourful taxis

Easycabs recently collaborated with St. Art in Delhi6 incredible artists came together to promote street art in the city in the most ideal way – by creating 5 masterpieces of graffiti art.

5 cabs were given extreme creative makeovers, personifying each artist’s individual vision of his craft, which would travel across the city promoting the innovative work done. Everyone on the street were surprised by these colourful taxis and customers for sure felt very special

Take a look at these Easy Cab colourful taxis

The artists involved in the collaboration were:

ANO: ANO started doing graffiti in the streets, often with pixels as the basic elements of his creative style, using themes from video games and very minimal color to challenge human visual limits. Proficient in various graffiti techniques, ANO has also worked on television adverts for well-known brands such as NIKE, Adidas, Converse, Royal Elastics, ASUS.

Yantr: A graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda, his work revolves around the complexity of machines and wildlife mixed together. Yantr worked as an art director for several advertising agencies in India before becoming an independent artist. He is also interested in land art and makes large-scale interventions regularly.

Daku: Daku, one of India's leading grafitti/street artists, emerged in Delhi in 2008. His tags can be found across cities in India. Daku's style is marked by his explorations in typography and lettering, particularly in Devnagari. Daku's work also includes strong socio-political messaging, in the form of illegal murals and installations, sometimes in surprising places and by unconventional means.

Artez: Artez is the leading Serbian artist, best known for his mix of photo-realism and illustration art with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colors in his work.
During past few years, he has been present on international graffiti scene and painted graffiti all across Europe. Besides paintings on the walls, his work has been exhibited as part of group exhibitions and solo exhibitions.

inkbrushnme: Harshvardhan Kadam conceives, perceives and executes his experiences through visuals. With mythology seeded in his vision, he found his forte in contemporaneous storytelling. In 2007 Harshvardhan formed his collective, inkbrushnme, which is well-known in India for providing beautiful illustrations, unique & well-designed characters for graphic novels, motion pictures, games and children’s books.

PCO: Ashwani Aggarwal is a graphic designer, illustrator, 2d animator but foremost and quite simply, an artist. Currently a student of Delhi College of Art, he is involved in a variety of freelance projects apart from working on his own painting series called ‘entangled’, a series based on depicting the nature and behaviour of the common man through street-poles. Simplicity is what entices him when it comes to art and design.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


Imperfecto is a mediterranean Restaurant in Delhi NCR area (Hauz Khas Village and DLF Cyber Hub Gurgaon)

To Celebrate the season of freshness, color and sweet fragrances of flowers as IMPERFECTO is hosting Spring Food Festival starting 1st April!!

The festival is to savor the spring bliss with delectable Mediterranean eatables like Pizza Primavera, Dip Hummus with Pita Bread, Chicken Crepes with Red Sauce, Calzone Capricciosa, Risotto Marinara & many more exquisite flavors. It will continue till 30thApril. 2014. 

Spring festival also offering:
1)   1 Pizza + 1 beer @ Rs 500 + taxes
Pizza primavera (V) (Tomato fresh, mozarella cheese, mushroom, corn, broccoli, peppers Green, parsley, onion and olive oil)
Pizza primavera (NV) (Chicken, egg boiled, tomato fresh, mozzarella cheese, corn, broccoli, peppers Green, parsley, onion and olive oil)

2)   Combo (V) 2 food + 1 drink @ Rs 1000 + taxes
ü  Dip Hummus with pita bread (Syrian style with extra olive oil and paprika sweet, served with pita bread)
ü  Penne Primavera (Make in white sauce, with vegetables from the garden, roasted garlic, olives black, olive oil served with European bread)
ü  Mocktail/ Cocktail

3)   Combo (NV) 2 food + 1 drink @ Rs 1200 + taxes
ü  Caesar salad chicken (Gourmet lettuce, chicken roasted and vegetables, broccoli, red pepper, green pepper, dressing caesar, croutons and Parmesan cheese) 
ü  Chicken crepes with red sauce (Soft and juicy crepes with chicken, garlic flavor, pepper, red wine, cinnamon… served with red sauce) 
ü  Mocktail/ Cocktail
So come and join us for the full of life colorful celebration of Spring IMPERFECTO style!

Date: 1st April – 30th April, 2014

Venue: IMPERFECTO, Hauz Khas Village & IMPERFECTO, DLF Cyber Hub Gurgaon

Time: 12 noon – 1 am

Meal Price (for 2): Rs 1600 + taxes

New Delhi:  1A/1 Hauz Khas Village – 110016, Ph: 011 - 41090093
Gurgaon: 209 – 210 DLF Cyber Hub – 122002, Ph: 0124 - 4949800