Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Car art-Easycab colourful taxis

Easycabs recently collaborated with St. Art in Delhi6 incredible artists came together to promote street art in the city in the most ideal way – by creating 5 masterpieces of graffiti art.

5 cabs were given extreme creative makeovers, personifying each artist’s individual vision of his craft, which would travel across the city promoting the innovative work done. Everyone on the street were surprised by these colourful taxis and customers for sure felt very special

Take a look at these Easy Cab colourful taxis

The artists involved in the collaboration were:

ANO: ANO started doing graffiti in the streets, often with pixels as the basic elements of his creative style, using themes from video games and very minimal color to challenge human visual limits. Proficient in various graffiti techniques, ANO has also worked on television adverts for well-known brands such as NIKE, Adidas, Converse, Royal Elastics, ASUS.

Yantr: A graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda, his work revolves around the complexity of machines and wildlife mixed together. Yantr worked as an art director for several advertising agencies in India before becoming an independent artist. He is also interested in land art and makes large-scale interventions regularly.

Daku: Daku, one of India's leading grafitti/street artists, emerged in Delhi in 2008. His tags can be found across cities in India. Daku's style is marked by his explorations in typography and lettering, particularly in Devnagari. Daku's work also includes strong socio-political messaging, in the form of illegal murals and installations, sometimes in surprising places and by unconventional means.

Artez: Artez is the leading Serbian artist, best known for his mix of photo-realism and illustration art with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colors in his work.
During past few years, he has been present on international graffiti scene and painted graffiti all across Europe. Besides paintings on the walls, his work has been exhibited as part of group exhibitions and solo exhibitions.

inkbrushnme: Harshvardhan Kadam conceives, perceives and executes his experiences through visuals. With mythology seeded in his vision, he found his forte in contemporaneous storytelling. In 2007 Harshvardhan formed his collective, inkbrushnme, which is well-known in India for providing beautiful illustrations, unique & well-designed characters for graphic novels, motion pictures, games and children’s books.

PCO: Ashwani Aggarwal is a graphic designer, illustrator, 2d animator but foremost and quite simply, an artist. Currently a student of Delhi College of Art, he is involved in a variety of freelance projects apart from working on his own painting series called ‘entangled’, a series based on depicting the nature and behaviour of the common man through street-poles. Simplicity is what entices him when it comes to art and design.